Pre-employment verification is now being highly utilized by organisations all around the world. These organisations may now rely on the achievement potential of their human resources, based on their high degree of confidence. A survey found that 60% of applicants fabricate their resumes. Since candidates are the foundation of any business, choosing the correct one requires careful consideration. Without pre-employment verification, it’s like hiring a terrible employee, which can cost you thousands of rupees, put the firm in danger of theft and even fraud, and reduce productivity. Our clients are coming to understand that the costs associated with recruiting, rehiring, and retraining new employees can be far more than those of carefully screening a candidate before hiring. Make an informed choice when choosing the ideal applicant for the job the “first” time by using our pre-employment screening service to safeguard your company’s reputation and valuable personnel.

In Maharashtra and other regions of India and the world, our detective agency is the top private detective agency that effectively assists employers with employment screening, pre-employment verification, and post-employment verification. Our detective agency’s corporate investigators are fully aware of the delicate nature and intense scrutiny that accompany employment investigations. To suit your specific demands, we provide a range of packages, and we’ll produce reports that are easy to understand.

We provide a broad range of pre-job verification services in this area of job investigation. reviewing resumes submitted by candidates and extracting accurate information on the applicant’s identity, family, residence, educational background, employment status, criminal history, creditworthiness, medical history, and other factors. Our business investigators will provide in-depth information about each prospect. Our research guarantees precise and up-to-date facts, which we condense into an understandable investigative report for you. Given that we recognize that waiting a long period of time is unreasonable, our corporate detective service has the ability to deliver prompt findings. Our detective’s investigation team collaborates with you and meets your needs as defined.

what actually is a pre-employment employment investigation and why is it necessary?

A pre-employment background check is an extensive inquiry that companies perform to learn more about a prospective employee. It entails confirming the veracity of the data submitted by the candidate, including their educational background, work history, and professional licenses.

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Employers can choose how to perform background checks from a variety of possibilities. They can use online databases to obtain public records or use third-party screening firms that specialise in obtaining thorough background checks on applicants. The scope of the check is determined by a number of variables, including organisational policies, job duties, and industry requirements. It’s crucial to remember that background checks conducted before employment must abide by all applicable laws and rules protecting individual privacy rights. Prior to any investigations taking place, candidates ought to provide their agreement and be given the chance to evaluate any unfavourable results.

For a business, hiring a new employee is a significant investment. It is hoped that they will work for the company for a very long time and consistently do excellent work that benefits the company’s operations. Sadly, poor hiring decisions are made. In the best-case situation, the person moves on before they can actually cause any harm and you swiftly realise your error. In either case, you’ll need to work through a challenging circumstance and go through the trouble of finding someone new for the position. By running background checks on prospects prior to making employment offers, you can reduce the likelihood of hiring the wrong person. In order to ensure that your business only invests in honourable people, it will expose any information the applicant may have withheld or been dishonest about throughout the interview process. Pre-employment background checks guarantee transparency throughout the recruiting process and offer priceless insights on a candidate’s prior experiences and behaviour. With carefully screened applicants who share their beliefs, employers can make decisions with greater confidence.

What does a background check consist of before hiring someone?

Using a person’s name, birthday, and social security number, a conventional background check pulls data from both public and private databases about them. A reputable background check company may obtain information from all pertinent sources and produce a clear report on the applicant that the employer can study.

Pre-employment background checks typically look into the following:

Verify the applicant’s identity by making sure they are a citizen of the United States or have the legal authority to work there, and that they have given an accurate name and social security number.

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Criminal history

Find out if the candidate has a felony conviction under their record, is on probation, has pending warrants, is on a government watchlist or is on the sex offender register.

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Employment history

To ensure the applicant has a true work history, find out which companies they worked for and how long they were employed there.

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Education background

Check the veracity of the universities and degrees listed on the candidate’s resume, just like you would with their employment history.

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Licenses issued by the government

If the position you are looking for calls for a government-issued credential (such as a CPA license, teaching credential, or medical license), be sure the applicant is licensed for the position.

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Vehicle records

If the position you’re hiring for involves driving, find out if the candidate has ever been in an accident or received a ticket.

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A pre-employment background

A pre-employment background investigation guarantees that the applicant is truthful and has no criminal record. By getting in touch with their prior employers, personal references, and perhaps even checking their public social media accounts, you can supplement a basic report.

The information provided in the applicant’s CV will be verified by our team of knowledgeable investigators. We shall also investigate the candidates’ backgrounds and prior employment histories. We verify candidates’ job details, credentials, prior experience, and other details during our pre-employment process. Additionally, our detectives confirm the references the candidate gave during the interview. In order to ensure a smooth hiring process and assist the business in selecting the best candidates for improvement, our investigators collaborate with management to look into the information submitted by employees.