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With over a decade of experience, Wolf Eye Detective Agency in Pune is a leading expert in the field of investigations

A Premiere Investigation Service Provider in the Cultural Hub

Known as the Oxford of the East, Pune is a city that is filled with rich history, culture, diversity, and many opportunities. These many opportunities can also take a wrong turn and bring obstacles in front of you. That’s why it is very important that you keep a good detective agency at hand when the need arises. It is where we come into the picture with our unique detective services in Pune in line with its vibrant cultural hub. We are your preferred partner in Pune’s thriving economy and bustling lifestyle.  

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Punekars Trusts Us

We have been proud to serve a city like Pune and its vibrant audience. Well-known and rich individuals have been our clients and some of the biggest companies in the city have partnered with us for their background verification services. For a city like Pune, our expertise and commitment have raised the bar for investigation services and our esteemed clients have ensured that we stay as the #1 Detective Agency in Pune. We just love working in Pune.  

Discovering Truth

solving mysteries since 2015

Our Approach in Pune's Dynamic Environment

In Pune, tradition and modernity come together to create a unique life. This unique life also needs special curated needs for investigation. Herein, our approach is to become one with the city and create strategies accordingly. Our agents and detectives blend perfectly in the environment and uncover the truth without harming anyone or going above the law. When we mix this unique technique with the latest spy technology, you get the success formula for becoming the #1 Detective Agency in Pune. 

Case Examples

Child Custody Resolved | Wolfeyedetective
Child Custody Resolved

Helped various clients in child custody cases, providing the right partner with evidence and documentation to verify their claim in family court.  

Fraudulent Activity |Wolfeyedetective
Fraudulent Activity

The city’s biggest companies rely on us to keep fraudulent activities away from their premises, saving billions of dollars each year.

divorce logo | Wolfeyedetective

Helped couples to reach the common grounds and uncover the true cause of divorce, whether it is infidelity, adultery, abuse, act of cruelty, and many more.  

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Areas Served

We are available throughout Pune. Some of the areas include: 

  • Koregaon Park 
  • Viman Nagar 
  • Kalyani Nagar 
  • Camp 
  • Wakad 
  • Hinjewadi 
  • Pimple Saudagar 
  • Kothrud 
  • Deccan 
  • Wagholi 
  • Hadapsar 
  • Kharadi 

These are just some of the examples. It doesn’t matter where you are in Pune, we are here to provide solutions to every matter you have today or will have in the future.