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With over a decade of experience, Wolf Eye Detective Agency in nagpur is a leading expert in the field of investigations.

Leading the Way in the Orange City

Our excellent foundation stands tall in Nagpur’s investigation space. For Orange City, we have put ourselves to the commitment of new standards and professionalism in the investigative industry. The people of the city have come together to trust us with their matters, and this has earned us the #1 spot for the best detective agency in Nagpur. Being in the leading spot, we feel proud of ourselves and our ability to bring resolutions to our esteemed clients’ conflicts in a safe and secure manner.  

Detctive Specialist | Wolfeyedetective

Our Approach in Nagpur's Dynamic Environment

An environment as wide as Nagpur’s requires a strategic and formed approach to investigations. Here, our expertise with the local landscape gives us the edge that is needed to exceed our customers’ expectations. Attention to detail, ethical conduct, the latest technology, and commitment to truth keep us afloat in the vibrant city of Nagpur. In the city, we ensure that our customers get the best of services and resources when it comes to their personal or professional matters.  

Discovering Truth

solving mysteries since 2015

Case Examples

Child Custody Resolved | Wolfeyedetective
Child Custody Resolved

A very difficult case where a parent came to us for her rightful custody over the child. We were able to back her intentions through discreet surveillance, background checks, and various witnesses. The evidence collected was too strong, and it led to a positive outcome for the mother to safeguard her child’s safety and well-being.  

Fraudulent Activity |Wolfeyedetective
Fraudulent Activity

A leading corporate company came to us with some missing numbers in their accounting books. A detailed investigation on our part led to the discovery of some salespeople embezzling money in the form of registration fees. Through us, the company was able to recover and took swift action that saved them from financial burden and public grudges. 

Actual investigations | Wolfeyedetective
Successful Missing Person

 A family reached out to us when their elderly member went missing. We deployed our extensive contacts and figured our their last whereabouts. After much research, we were able to locate the missing person and happily returned them to the respective family.  

Detective Specialist | Wolfeyedetective

Areas Served

You will find expertise in the following areas, and much more:  

  • Dharampeth 
  • Civil Lines 
  • Sadar 
  • Sitabuldi 
  • Ramdaspeth 
  • Nandanvan 
  • Wardha Road 
  • Pratap Nagar 
  • Gandhibagh 
  • Itwari 

These are just some examples. It doesn’t matter where you are in Nagpur, we are here to provide a solution to every matter you can find across all parts of the city.